Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Overview [Summer 2006]

Mary Price is an American female born in 1957. Her story is as follows [her own words - abridged - with sentence structure broken out] in a Complaint form available at her email address and through the Courts; in a brief conversation she seemed credible on it [and has been otherwise supported].

[note: one Washington source suggests Mary Price has been utilized by a surveillance mechanism in Washington D.C. which may additionally back into a validation parameter; unrelated, a brief meeting with Mary on June 20th was anticipated by unsolicited perspectives from a different source on the surveillance paradigm which she discussed on arrival. At issue is monitoring and stimulating electrochemical and electromagnetic impulse with and without 'enabling' devices; an only medium-talented Indian guru versus the CIA backed by the National Institutes of Health].

Unique in the case is the involvement of JEB BUSH, Governor of Florida and brother of the President of the United States. That the activity took place in FLORIDA and that it seems to have originated or significantly escalated in the mid1990s is not at all unique however, with matters involving Sheila Bilyeu - persecuted by a surveillance mechanism apparently controlled by Hillary Clinton - essentially happening in parallel to Mary Price.

United States District Court Middle District of Louisiana
Complaint: Statement of Claim

NOTE: Precise dates cannot be given in some cases due to theft of evidence. Actions indicate that the medical negligence, denial of due process, extensive discovery abuse violations, etc. became intentional:

1. Mag Mutual Insurance (carrier of negligent physician, Dr. Ernesto J. Perez of Bond Clinic) - Medical Malpractice, Professional Negligence:

Dr. Ernesto J. Perez. Professional Negligence: Mag Mutual Insurance, Bond Clinic,
Dr. Ernesto J. Perez failed to inform myself and my main caretaker, Dr. Michael E. Shapiro of Beth Israel Hospital in Boston, MA, for three years, 1993-1996, of abnormal blood tests, etc. as instructed at the first doctor’s visit.

Due to Dr. Perez failing to inform myself and Dr. Shapiro of all medical tests as well as due to lack of immediate medical intervention, I lost prematurely a sibling kidney transplant donated by my sister, Carol, at 18 years of age in 1985.

I found out on my own about the abnormal blood tests when I went to pick up a kidney transplant drug, Sandimmune, at the Wal-Mart pharmacy in July 1996.

The dosage of Sandimmune had been doubled without the knowledge of myself or Dr. Perez and staff.

I then inquired about the latest blood test.

Results were not given over the phone, but were faxed to my workplace.

The blood test results indicated that two parameters of kidney function, BUN and creatinine, were way out of the normal range.

I notified Dr. Shapiro by phone and the latest blood test result was faxed to his office.

I immediately relocated to Beth Israel Hospital to get emergency medical treatment by Dr. Michael Shapiro, kidney transplant surgeon, and Dr. Terry Strom,[ ] nephrologist, returned to Florida, but never returned to Dr. Perez.

Follow-up care was performed by Dr. Cindy Corpier, nephrologist, at Shand’s Hospital in Gainesville, FL,

Dr. Kapila Patel, OB/GYN in Lakeland, FL, and

Dr. Lee, medical doctor, acupuncturist in Kissimmee, FL.

Furthermore, Dr. Perez was not going to tell me [ed. note: about the tests or drug adjustment].

A prescription for Sandimmune at the original dosage written in May 1996, had refills for 3 to 4 months (patient files, records at Wal-Mart pharmacy (7/96) Haines City, FL, inventory records at Novartis 7/96).

The prescription extended two months beyond when the dosage was doubled prompting me to check on my blood test.

Someone may have tried to warn me indirectly about my abnormal blood tests.

If I had not found out on my own and had prior knowledge of what could happen if no follow-up treatment was given, fluid would fill all body parts including the lungs, heart resulting in a heart attack or suffocation, I could have died.

In addition, an organ can be donated only once.

Life-threatening medical complications occurred due to Dr. Perez’s negligence: difficulty breathing, vaginal hemorrhaging (records of Dr. Lee, Kissimmee, FL),

I had to have emergency surgery to stop hemorrhaging at Beth Israel Hospital on October 24, 1997 by Dr. Chapin (medical records).

I also had health problems in 1998 on dialysis: I had stroke level blood pressure for an extended period of time, had cramps in fingers, toes, calves and fainted, when weighed post dialysis, each session (medical records at Northwest Dialysis Center in Indianapolis, IN).

I contacted an attorney, Crist, on Virginia Ave. in Indianapolis,IN in 1998 about the ongoing harassment, directly related to the malpractice, but no investigation was done and misinformation given:
I was told Horace Sprague III had filed a complaint with police in Florida that I was harassing him (this was false, he was a witness to my being harassed).

I wrote to Bond Clinic in 1998 and/or 1999 for all patient files from residence 7909 Baron Field Circle Apt. 427, Indianapolis, IN 46260, no response and in 2000 from mailing address P.O. Box 6410 Fishers, IN 46038, no response.

The letters were sent uncertified, but Bond Clinic did receive the letters.

The addresses mentioned were in patient files. In 1999, 2000, I also requested all medical records since 1985 from doctors, hospitals, no response.

I wrote to Bond Clinic in February 2001 for all patient files.

Bond Clinic sent me 3 blood tests:
1993-creatinine: 1.3,
1995-creatinine: 1.1 (date coincided when I had no Medicare Insurance due to mail irregularities; I had no medical tests until Medicare was re-[ ] instated 6 to 9 months post-cancellation),
1996-creatinine: 2.1 (blood tests stolen, but reference made to them in a later letter from Bond Clinic, medical records at Bond Clinic).

I filed a medical malpractice claim in May 2001.

It was sent to Dr. Perez to give to Mag Mutual Insurance.

He refused a certified letter in May 2001 (postal records at Woodlawn Station, Baton Rouge, LA) and never responded to any uncertified letters sent.

I then filed a claim with Mag Mutual Insurance.

The attorney of Mag Mutual Insurance sent me a cover letter stating no negligence by Dr. Perez even though it was obvious.

He sent incomplete patent files from Bond Clinic accompanied by incomplete medical records since 1985.

I had never signed a medical release form for all medical records sent.

In addition, some records sent were inauthentic:
blood tests sent differed in number, date, and results than those sent by Bond Clinic,
the dates of other records were inconsistent:
date of first prescription for all kidney transplant drugs 8/7/93,
date of phone memo for my first appointment with Dr. Perez
(Dr. Salamon’s name was on it instead of Dr. Perez) 8/16/93,
date of patient information form filled out by staff 8/20/93,
date I filled out patient information form 8/27/93,
date of doctor notes on initial visit 9/7/93,
date to request medical records for Dr. Robert Spady, my previous doctor, 8/26/93.

A copy of a health (or life?) insurance request for patient information from United American Insurance was enclosed, date 6/9/95.
I signed no such form for this insurance company (document misrepresented at another place?).
I never met a Roy Cox, signature on document.

Papers missing:
instructions to inform myself and Dr. Shapiro of all medical tests on initial doctor visit with xerox copy of Dr. Shapiro’s business card with address, phone number, and fax number, doctor’s notes for all patient visits, etc.

Misinformation on documents sent:
cadaveric renal transplant instead of sibling [ed. note: this might be a smoking gun in malpractice - they're trying to justify the failure when they shouldn't unless they otherwise induced it with the drug adjustment],

in the margins of two tests, one blood (7/8/94), one urine (7/7/94), was a notation stating results sent to Dr. Shapiro, doctor notation on 8/4/95 stating that I had never been in since 12/93,

a doctor’s note states that I have glucose intolerance (I do not),

phone memo stating I phoned asking about health insurance calling in 1995 (I did not), etc.

Furthermore, correspondences sent by Mag Mutual between 2001-2003 strongly suggested prior knowledge of medical malpractice prior to my filing a claim.

Witnesses (lay persons:
Dr. Richard Lee Neil Berger, etc at University of Florida at CREC in Lake Alfred, FL (phone, fax logs at CREC in 7/96),
James, Patricia Hughes, daughter Holly in Weston, MA,
Kale Flagg and others at Trek Alliance in Incline Village, NV;
medical personnel (and their records) Dr. Michael E. Shapiro, Dr. Terry Strom (1996-now) Beth Israel Hospital,
Dr. Cindy Corpier at Shand’s Hospital in Gainesville, FL,
Dr. Kapila Patel in Lakeland, FL, Dr. Lee at Acupuncture Center in Kissimmee, FL),
documents (I requested in 2001 that no records should be destroyed ).

Several letters sent by Mag Mutual Insurance, Attorney Bocchino, Michael Meyer (I have an unsigned document), Gose (Letter stolen) told me I would have to pursue the claim in court as a pro se plaintiff .

2. Catherine, her family, Heidi and others.
Criminal negligence. A simple harassment begun at Lifestyles Fitness Gym in
Winter Haven FL[ORIDA] begun by two girls, Catherine, Heidi, escalated to include medical negligence.

Harassment by Catherine, et al., distracted me so that I did not check on my blood tests as I had always done in the past.

If I had, I would have changed doctors and never lost the kidney.

Catherine and Heidi were aware I had had a kidney transplant and knew before I did that I was losing the transplanted kidney.

Illegal surveillance was placed in my residence (and my family’s) prior to my finding out on my own about the abnormal blood tests.

Why illegal surveillance?

1. To protect Catherine, Heidi, and others involved in the harassment/medical negligence.

2. To obtain daily log harassment books I had been keeping since 1994 with car tags, persons involved and photos of illegal surveillance at home (1995-1997) and work (1996-1997), persons involved.

3. To distract me, delay me from filing within deadlines, discredit me before filing.

4. Blackmail. They had knowledge of others involved in the harassment contacting Dr. Perez (1995/1996). How did they know who my doctor was? Why contact him? (Witnesses: Kale Flagg and others in Trek Alliance at Incline Village, NV know about most, if not all, aspects of the medical negligence discussed here and elsewhere).

Witnesses: Nancy MacCalla (member of Lifestyle Fitness Gym), preacher’s daughter, my age; she carried a gun inside of her car because of harassment by Catherine, et.

Al., Horace Sprague III (member of Lifestyle Fitness Gym), a friend, witness to harassment.

Sheriff deputy Kevin Garrison (I reported harassment by Catherine, et. al to him in 1993; he filed an information report on it. He was concerned).

Former owners of my apartment complex at 2409 Eighth St. #4 Winter Haven, FL 33881 were approached about allowing illegal surveillance in my apartment.

They refused, but sold to persons who did, Larry and Cheryl Bossarte at 765 Lake Drive Boca Raton, FL 33432.

Tenants at apartment complex: Preston Strait (aware of mail tampering, harassment, etc), retired black male, etc.

GTE personnel: Three GTE personnel were contacted between 1995-1997.
Two GTE males said there were no phone taps when there was.
A third GTE male did verify phone taps inside and outside my apartment complex.
He cut away all phone lines illegally connected to mine and marked by phone line with a black marker.
(Two days later, Catherine was standing behind my apartment watching me disconnect re-attached phone lines.
She and Heidi were aware of all events recounted directly or indirectly),

UPS delivery man on route of my residence in 1996/1997.

University of Florida (CREC) personnel (Dr. Richard Lee, Neil Berger, Cathy Colello, security guard, Margie (Gmitter lab),
Georgia (business office),

Owner of cottages at Highway 17/92 in Winter Haven, FL 33832 ,

Dr. Richard Lee and others were aware of my contacting Sheriff Dept in Bartow, FL in 1996/1997.

Two sheriff deputies (white female, red hair, medium build 20-30s, short, white male bald in front, dark hair, short, medium height, 20-30s) were shown phone taps, illegal breaking and entering, a circuit breaker cover was off with re-wiring of apartment, shown some persons at complex who were harassing me-no notes, no fingerprints, no photos taken,

appointment and meeting with Winter Haven police chief who was told about harassment, etc.

He said police cannot watch persons having sex or listen to personal phone calls (I was not under investigation by police).

He said the crimes were out of his jurisdiction; he is aware of my also contacting the Lakeland FBI in 1997.

I made an appointment with an agent.

When I called to confirm, I was told I had never made an appointment with agent name I gave her, she said I had made an appointment with someone else.

The FBI agent wore no badge; I filled out no forms.

He told me after recounting all events above I cannot help you.

Do not tell anyone, they will say you are crazy.
Agent was 6’5’’, white hair, blue eyes, medium build, 50-60s.

3. GTE-Professional negligence.
Three GTE males came to the residence 2409 Eighth St. Apt. #4 Winter Haven, FL between 1995-1997. Two GTE personnel indicated there were no phone taps when there was.

A third GTE male came out in 1996/1997 and confirmed phone taps (GTE service records).
Is there a legal obligation to notify police?

4. Pharmaceutical drug companies:
Novartis (Sandimmune, Neoral),
Roche (Imuran, CellCept) and Roxane Labs/Prometheus (Prednisone)-Professional (research) negligence, medical negligence, legal malpractice.

I filed a negligence claim with each drug company in February 2002.

Each refused to acknowledge obvious claim stating they needed my patient files (irrelevant to first draft sent in 2002; each refused to send me information pertinent to claim: research papers on each drug, animal, human trial studies).

Existing technologies (invitro research and assay systems such as established cell lines; instrumentation: QXCI, thermogenesis diagnostics, etc) were in place at the time kidney transplant drugs were made to ensure greater safety that were not cost or time prohibitive.

As it stands now, kidney transplant patients are experiments in progress without informed consent with graft longevity and quality of life not optimized.

Professional negligence, medical negligence:
Kidney transplant drugs do not cure the rejection response and when taken as directed,
the drugs cause serious unrelated medical problems,
some lethal like lymphoma,
kidney toxic (How can you diagnose a rejection episode if some of the kidney transplant drugs mimic a rejection episode, acute and chronic?), liver toxic, cataracts, leukemia, etc.

In addition, there is no drug on the market today which when taken over an extended period of time that tolerance does not occur.

It is not mentioned on insert.

Legal malpractice: Pharmaceutical drugs were redefined to limit liability as inherently defective products with unavoidably, dangerous side effects.

This legal definition does not adhere to a strict legal, medical, or professional code of ethics.

It violates consumer safety laws, EPA/OSHA safety guidelines (If kidney transplant drugs were released into the environment, they would be recalled, considered hazardous waste, and possibly banned.

Some areas of negligence that deserve mention:
1. A drug cannot be at optimal concentration if it has dangerous side effects.

In addition, optimal drug concentration will change when taken in combination with other drugs (including other kidney transplant drugs).

2. Trough level determination is fallible (Immunogold labeling experiments can trace drug once ingested).

The concentration of a drug taken at time 0 and 12 hours later cannot be identical or else this suggests that the drug has never been absorbed, none lost in urine and/or feces, by the body suggesting no therapeutic effects.

3. Most clinical research trials use drug concentrations in animals at 0.1 that in humans.

No definitive conclusions can be drawn with regard to optimal dose concentration, tolerance (which in most cases is not determined; tolerance is different than expiration date), combination effects (not routinely studied), side effects, etc.

Therefore, liability exists.

Other areas include:
lack of proper controls – invitro systems, established kidney cell lines, can be used to determine optimal dose, side effects, hypersensitivity, etc prior to animal, human studies, economic discrimination (drugs sold one-third to one-half the cost overseas),

quality assurance (purity standards may allow trace contaminants from purification procedure to remain with toxic effects unrelated to the drug),

expiration date (expiration date not put on prescription drug labels by pharmacists just date it was filled),

delivery system (hard rock pill form with dye and other additives-drug will lose some activity upon compaction,

additives can be toxic,

interfere with action of drug- gelatin,

vegetable capsules superior),

time release form of drug (lipid release system can effect drug release adversely, cause clumping),

time length and choice of animals (animals with short life span preferable with accelerated metabolic rate so adverse long term side effects can be known) in clinical trials,

human trials (placebos should never be given because an organ can only be donated once-there is a shortage of donors relative to demand),

side effects (there should not be any),

warning labels (vague wording not understandable by public insufficient),

combination effects (none listed in insert),



complexity of the individual (proper controls help alleviate unforeseen effects due to uniqueness of individual).

Personal documentation:
Sandimmune- When I was given intravenous doses pre-transplant in 1985, 48 hours later I went unconscious and almost died.

Sandimmune is a mycotoxin.

A toxin is a poisonous substance that causes disease.

Neoral- Six weeks post transplant in 1998, the dose had to be lowered.

It mimicked a rejection response and blood tests indicated injury to the kidney.

Imuran- causes excessive bruising, precursor to leukemia.

I had to take tests for leukemia in 1997.

CellCept- In 1997, it caused blurred vision, difficulty breathing, vaginal hemorrhaging.

Because of the hemorrhaging, I had to have emergency surgery in 1997 or I would have died.

Post transplant, CellCept caused cessation of menstrual cycle.

Prednisone- form nodules in lung, precursor to cancer.

Tests in May 2004 indicate I have a nodule in my lung.

Kidney transplant drugs, like all drugs, do not cure a medical condition but mask symptoms.

The drugs act as antagonists, sometimes a mutagen and are considered foreign by the body much like an organ transplant.

The body makes antibodies and stress proteins to the drugs.

Kidney transplant drugs do not meet the definition of a drug which is to treat a disease or alleviate pain.

Kidney transplantation and the rejection response are not diseases.

Kidney transplant drugs do not alleviate pain.

Expert witnesses: Dr. Doug A. Kaufmann, Dr. Holland (Rockville, TX; filed pro se claim in February 2002; records at drug companies, medical records 1985-now).

5. Owners of Greenspring Apartments-Professional negligence.
I became a resident in August/September 1998, left in February 2001.

Phone taps were detected inside the apartment (identical to those confirmed by GTE) and outside.

Cameras were in fire alarm in ceiling, light bulbs.

There was a thermoresistor in the plug of oven such that when I turned it on, nothing would happen (photos).

When it was turned off, it would be at the highest heat setting (a fire hazard).

Late rent fee errors, an eviction notice sent in error, double charged for rent in January 2000 (bank, money order records).

Personal articles (clothing, etc.) and records (paycheck stubs of all temporary jobs worked, etc.) stolen in apartment

I notified management and changed the locks.

6. Ameritech-Professional negligence.

Ameritech personnel were called and came out in 1998.

He denied the existence of phone taps, identical to FL, inside and outside the apartment (service records).

7. Dr. Aziz Pharmacy-Professional negligence.
My prescription for the kidney transplant drug, Neoral, was filled from February 1999 to September 1999.

My Medicare co-pay is $100.00/month.

I was never charged anything.

I inquired about the co-pay, but I was told I owed nothing.

The business office personnel, Ms. Brown, sent a letter stating I owed $1200.00.

I asked to see the records, but none were sent.

I paid over $1500.00.

I requested a refund in 2001, 2002.

I was sent threatening letters.

The matter has yet to be settled and no readable invoices were sent (records at Dr. Aziz Pharmacy, personal records).

8. Northwest Dialysis Center-Professional negligence.

In 1998, I had stroke-level blood pressure for an extended period of time.

No tests were done to determine the cause.

I was given either alpha or beta blockers in milligram quantities, but the blood pressure remained unchanged.

I inquired about the blood pressure drug stating that I should only be on gamma blockers because alpha or beta blockers caused damage to the kidney.

The attending physician was angry and told me the blood pressure drug did not matter because I was on dialysis.

He did not speak to me much after this.

I contacted Dr. Shapiro about the elevated blood pressure and suggested removal of kidney might be appropriate.

I then called an alternative medical expert, Katherine Durane (RN in Columbus, OH) for treatment of the elevated blood pressure.

After two sessions, the blood pressure returned to normal. No surgery to remove kidney was needed (medical records at dialysis center, Dr. Michael Shapiro, records of Katherine Dufrane).

9. Equinox (now Vitasalus)-Professional negligence.

I worked for a branch office (Global Impact) in Indlps, IN from May 1999-April 2000.

While there, personal check books were stolen in office, products stolen, overcharge of a meeting in Las Vegas, NV in 1999/2000.

In March 2001, I was contacted by Robert Goldman and others unidentified using telepathy.
[ed. note: from an end perspective, the word "telepathy" is an indicator for 'monitoring and stimulating neuro impulse' whether a particular technology or enabling devise is deployed or not as discussed elsewhere - an only medium-talented Indian guru versus the CIA backed by the NIH for example].

I was told by Robert Goldman that my pap smears had been used in invitro fertilization resulting in offspring.

I was also told my sisters had been also.

Such offspring would be the imminent domain territory of the mother (each would have sole custody).

I contacted the FBI, CIA about telepathy, etc., but no response (records banks, Bond Clinic)

10. General Hospital (May 2002)-Intentional Professional Negligence.

My brother was threatened.

He came to Baton Rouge, LA and contacted the coroner’s office.

An illegal CEC (Illegal because of non-resolution of the medical negligence case) occurred.

I was illegally taken to the Mental Health Facility on Government Street.

While in shock, I signed two documents without informed consent.

I was illegally taken to General Hospital emergency room where more documents were signed without consent (some may have been misrepresented).

I was then unlawfully held in a psyche unit for about 11 days.

The visit was pre-planned as can be confirmed by the names and appearances of some staff and patients.

I was never told why I was there, given a diagnosis.

Three letters I had mailed at Baton Rouge post offices (Southeast Station, Commerce Pk station, Woodlawn station) were on a desk at the psyche unit by a staff member (Viruni) which is mail fraud.

I phoned the Advocacy Attorney, Nancy Snow, who never returned my call.

This is denial of an attorney. No one from the coroner’s office came out to question me or investigate.

This is denial of due process.

I was given an incorrect dosage of CellCept while there, and forced to take a psychiatric drug.

A phlebotomist took my blood while I was in the bathtub.

She refused to wait until I dressed.

Personal articles may have been removed.

Upon check out, I was not given any paperwork regarding my stay.

Months later, I contacted General Hospital for all records.

A Leigh Ann told me I had to pay $30.00 just to look at my own records.

When I came in to get them, I was not given all records.

I contacted the Mental Health Advocacy Service for help in September 2002 and October 2002, but no help was given.

I filed pro se a claim against General Hospital regarding the unlawful stay at the psyche unit, the intentional misdiagnosis of paranoid, delusional, psychologically unfit to discredit me, silence me, and intimidate me.

References were made to events that took place in Florida, Indiana in the psyche unit as well as LSU.

General Hospital refused to acknowledge the obvious claim.

Discovery abuse violations occurred.

The claim still remains unresolved.

I contacted state, federal agencies about all civil liberty violations at General Hospital no response to date (records, pro se claim General Hospital, 2003).

11, 12. Orthopedic Bone & Joint Clinic, Dr. Messina, HealthSouth-Professional negligence.

My car was tampered with
(electronics rewired so as to be controlled by remote device: ignition switch, locks, trunk release, etc., new tires with treads were replaced with old tires with no treads, gas mileage/tank lowered, etc.),
reported, nothing done.

I was in a car wreck not my fault on 1/11/04.

I had 3 broken bones in my lower leg/ankle, had upper vertebrae damage, bruised/fractured ribs.

The car wreck occurred at the intersection of Old Hammond Highway/Corporate Blvd. and Jefferson Highway late morning/early afternoon.

I was never asked questions by police except insurance, driver’s license, etc.

I was not at fault.

I drove through a green light within the speed limit.

I never signed an accident report, was never given the other driver’s name, insurance company.

I sent off for an accident report by mail, requested state agencies to get it for me and to investigate, but no response.

Car insurance fraud is involved.

My car has yet to be fixed.

I was to have the broken leg treated by a Dr. Grandhill, but at the last minute was treated by Dr. Messina.

Multiple documents were signed for permission for surgery at his office and an out-patient facility, HealthSouth, where I left my satchel with evidence at the nurse’s station.

Contents could have been taken as intimidation tactics used in office (records at Orthopedic Bone & Clinic, HealthSouth).

I requested copies of all documents I signed, but one was missing.

Discovery abuse violations occurred.

I wrote to an address given by his office to file a complaint in D. C., but no response (mail irregularities; records at Bone & Joint; HealthSoutth).

13. Beth Israel Hospital (May 2004)-Professional negligence.

Due to illegal depletion of bank funds by December 2002, and no resolution of the medical negligence fraud, I went 1½ years without kidney transplant drugs and a breast lump went untreated for 1 1/2 years.

I went to New York, Washington D.C. to get help with the medical negligence case and all aspects.

I left summaries of the case with different agencies, etc., but no response.

I then went to Beth Israel Hospital to check on my kidney, breast lump.
Dr. Strom was no longer practicing nephrology, and Dr. Shapiro had relocated to University of Hackensack Medical Center in New Jersey.

Dr Feinbloom and staff took blood tests for the kidney.

The results were normal I was told the breast lump was not malignant.

Enforcement mechanism for the 'New World Order' has traditionally been SIGNIFICANTLY linked to Jewish communities in the United States over neuroprosthetics and monitoring - this a THIRD TIME in Boston. Previous was John Nash, Rand Corporation emergent and returned to captivity [they apparently tried to surface him in a controlled academic environment and he must have made a bid for freedom - makes you wonder about Princeton] late 1960s and Dennis Sweeney pursued by Allard Lowenstein across Harvard Square in the early to mid 1970s - the gap between those cases and Price diminished by figures like Michael Bruce Ross, a murderer in Connecticut/Rhode Island active 1983 to 2005 with commensurate media orchestration in a very limited market area, and the controversy about AIDS as an engineered virus - with Harvard input - being unleashed by Kissinger and Brzezinski - Harvard collaborators - in 1979 with an obvious 'plume' effect.

Note Dr. Feinbloom is not alleged to have killed the 25 million dead Negroes but only to have locked down one woman pursued by a surveillance mechanism which Price says ultimately includes Jeb Bush. Strange bedfellows - his friends might not identify Feinbloom as a Bush supporter, illustrating the extent to which, in the face of all liberal debate to the contrary, race and ethnicity are near impossible to overcome.

A week later, I was told to have a mastectomy, radiation/chemotherapy, tomaxifen/prednisone treatment which by the minority rule can be proven to be medical malpractice.

Cancer is caused by a fungus.

Safe, natural products exist[.]

Two Feathers, which can remove a lump without surgery and kill the fungus that causes cancer (Expert witnesses: Dr. Doug A. Kaufmann, Dr. Holland, Rockville, TX).

Dr. Feinbloom, without probable cause, brought in a psychiatrist.

I asked to change doctors.

Feinbloom refused.

He or his staff phoned family members without my permission to tell them my breast lump was malignant, that I was suicidal, incompetent.

I was threatened by hospital personnel, illegally given a shot of a psychiatric drug, given tests without my consent.

I tried to phone for an attorney, but no response.

I tried to contact the head of the hospital.

I was told he was out of town.

A social worker came in and told me to sign a document for a patient assistance program for a kidney transplant drug, Rapimmune.

I was never given two weeks of Rapimmune suggesting the document was misrepresented.

I had my satchel with evidence and money locked up.

When it was returned, $100.00 and evidence was missing.

Hospital personnel were trying to get my mother to come up, sign documents on my behalf, and take me back to Baton Rouge so I could not contact anyone for help in Boston.

An illegal PEC may have been done, but was never investigated by a coroner’s office.

A 24 hour sitter was placed on me so I could not leave hospital or contact head of the hospital, etc.

I filed a letter of complaint with head of the hospital returning all psychiatric drugs given to me with the instructions to give them to Feinbloom and staff as needed.

I also sent him a copy of my medical negligence evidence by UPS on 7/6/04, no response.

I also filed a letter of complaint with Massachusetts Board of Medicine.

I received no response, and in one instance, the letter was sent back saying address was no longer active when it was.

I went by the MA Board of Medicine to drop off a complaint about Feinbloom, et.al., but I was told the address had changed and I gave it to another agency-no response (records at Beth Israel, MA Board of Medicine).

14. Banks. Beginning in 1995, I began to have bank irregularities that have yet to be resolved.

I did not receive regular monthly bank statements,
check books were stolen in the mail,
at work,
in my residence,
but new checks issued may have had same check number as those stolen,
in addition,
some check books had a different account number, the last digit changed (Bank One, Britton & Koontz accounts).

An ATM card was left in an ATM machine, reported.

Loan payment irregularities with a loan at Fifth Third Bank (February/March 2000, September/October 2001, after May 2002).

Not all paychecks, cash deposits were deposited correctly, unaccounted for withdrawals especially in April 2000 at National City Bank and Bank One, after May 2002, etc.

A bank account at Britton & Koontz was illegally closed in May 2003 with overdrafts, but I had none.

Requests for audits were ignored.

I was sent a check for $165.00 from Britton & Koontz after my bank account was illegally closed, but I sent it back requesting an audit-no response.

Banks involved:
SunTrust Bank (checking, savings accounts, Haines City, FL 1993-1997),

Fifth Third Band (checking, savings account- Fishers, IN, 1997-1999),

Bank One (checking, February/March 2000 - November 2003?, IN, LA),

Britton & Koontz (savings,1998-May 2003, LA).

Letters from banks:
Bank One Mail Suite 1L-0283 1 Bank One Plaza Chicago, IL 60670-0283 phone (312)-407-4000.

We are unable to bring up your account on our system to process your request.

We need your account number and your address is different than address we have. If you need to place a stop order on checks or place an order for more checks, reorder now. Thank you. Telebanking Member of FDIC (800)-695-1111.

15. Credit Card Companies. Irregularities began in 1995:

free gifts never sent by Citibank VISA, due date changes, incorrect balances,
over limit fees in error,
monthly payments made never credited,
excessive interest rates were charged,

charges on my account I did not make, bills sent from different addresses sometimes several bills in one month.

I contacted corporate office, legal department, customer service for audit-no response.

Collection agencies, attorneys: one attorney I had contacted about my medical negligence case (no response) sent me a collection notice on behalf of American Express.

Credit card account numbers, type of card changed without my consent.

Threats made:
The next death will be a Price (residence 4372 Bea Street Baton Rouge, LA 70809 [by a] short, white male, dark hair, 30s (2002/2003);

I hate you Mary. I hate you. I will kill you if you come for your kids (2003);

Death to the Prices (2002/2003).

Car tags KRD138 LA tag; black, compact utility vehicle harassed on Jefferson Highway on September 13, 2003 about 8 or 9 p.m., white male;

car tag HHV 079 LA or FL tag, white male said That f***ing Florida, there is nothing you can do, brown hair, 20-30s.

Silence, inaction denies justice. Justice delayed is justice denied. Stare decisis: I swear to uphold and defend the constitution of the United States so help me God.

United States District Court, Middle District of Louisiana
Complaint: Addresses of Defendants

1. Mag Mutual Insurance
3535 Piedmont Ave. NE #600 Atlanta, GA 30305
phone: (404)-842-5600

2. Catherine, her family, Heidi [retrievable from member records of]
Lifestyle Fitness Gym
1164 Havendale Blvd. Winter Haven, FL 33881 phone (563)-299-5575

3. GTE International, Inc.
300 Holleman Drive E College Station, TX 77841 phone (97)9-696-0000

4. Drug Companies:
Novartis: 59 Route 10 East Hanover, NJ 07936 phone (973)-781-8300;
Hoffman-Roche: 340 Kingsland Street Nutley, NJ 07110 phone (973)-235-5000;
Roxane Labs: 700 Manor Park Drive Columbus, OH 43228-9397 phone (614)-463-9131

5. [Owner of] Greenspring Apartments
100 Bridlewood Way York, PA 17402-9160 phone (717)-755-5700

6. Ameritech
311 W. Washington Street Chicago, IL 60606 phone (312)-263-2805

7. Dr. Aziz Pharmacy
7320 E. 82nd Street, Suite D Indianapolis, IN 46256 phone (317)-842-5571

8. Northwest Dialysis Center (Dialysis Institute of Northwest Indianapolis)
5488 Corporate Dr. Indianaopolis,
IN 46278 phone (317)-328-9667

9. Equinox (now Vitasalus) 1409 Allen Street Troy, MI 48083 phone (877)-226-5663

10. General Hospital 3600 Florida Blvd. Baton Rouge, LA 70806 phone (225)-387-7000

11. Bone & Joint Clinic 7777 Hennessy Blvd. Baton Rouge, LA 70808 phone (225)-766-0050

12. HealthSouth 5222 Brittany Ave. Baton Rouge, LA 70808 phone (225)-767-5636

13. Beth Israel Hospital 330 Brookline Ave. Boston, MA 02215 phone (617)-667-2146

Complaint: Addresses of Defendants
14. Banks:
SunTrust Bank 303 Peachtree Street, NE Atlanta, GA 30308 phone (404)-585-7711;
Fifth Third Bank 38 Fountain Square Plaza Cincinnati, OH 45263 phone (513)-5789-5300;
National City Bank 1900 E Ninth Street Cleveland, OH 44114-3484 phone (216)-222-2000;
Bank One 1 Bank One Plaza Chicago, IL 60670 phone (312)-732-4000;
Britton & Koontz 500 Main Street P.O. Box 1407 Natchez, MS 39121 phone (601) -445-5576

15. Credit Card Companies:
Citibank Corp. 399 Park Ave. New York, NY 10022 phone (212)-559-1000;
Providian Financial 201 Mission Street San Francisco, CA 941055 phone (415)-543-0404;
Capital One Financial Corp. 1680 Capital one Drive McLean, VA 23102 phone (703)-720-7100;
American Express 200 Vessey Street New York, NY 10285 phone (212)-640-6680;

Texaco Products Co. 575 Market Street San Francisco, CA 94105 phone (415)-894-7700;
Shell 910 Louisiana Street Houston, TX 77002 phone (713)-241-6161.

ed note: In the course of a brief interview, Price discussed induced audio sequences and neuro monitoring - admitting she does not know which technologies are used, if the same technologies are used all the time in a linear manner [the same technologies used the same way], whether or not she and/or other family members are implanted with any type of neuroprosthetic enabling devices, and that she quite simply does not expect to match resources with surveillance mechanisms backed by government agencies.

Surveillance and 'monitoring' per se are only the first function of the surveillance structure anyway, which typically includes a communication mechanism, data storage and distribution authority, some decision-making capability, an escalation plan with precursor research capability, and authority figures who can reward participants and discipline objectors or dissidents outside the focus of the activity.

The initial reaction of the victim is invariably to contact media; emergence of multiple cases in the mid-1990s [Price, Bilyeu, Cunningham, Hicks et al] presumably reflects some confidence in the ability of the surveillance mechanism to control media.

HOME GUARD SECURITY is one surveillance mechanism run out of state adjutant generals offices [typically the governor's liaison with the National Guard pre-federalization] which parallels the 'Department of Homeland Security'; Price may be encountering that activity.

In any case, where Price says "telepathy" in her writing below, the larger issue is 'surveillance' by whatever means.

6/5/06 Medical Negligence Fraud/Car Insuance Fraud [Narrative]

I am contacting you for help regarding an unresolved human rights/civil liberties violations.

It is directly related to an ongoing pre-meditated medical negligence fraud coverup the scope of Watergate that began in Florida, became multi-state, has NO statute of limitations due to extensive discovery abuse violations, involves illegal surveillance (phone taps-confirmed by GTE personnel, cameras in central air vents, light bulbs, rewiring of residences by satellite coverage, etc.-reported to Bartow sheriff deputies, Lakeland FBI agent ) since 1995 on myself and family, illegal use of telepathy (if unfamiliar, go to Yahoo search engine, type in the use of telepathy (which can be confirmed by a spectrum analyzer) by the U.S. military-open heading Human Rights Abuse Report by Cheryl Welsh) on a 24 hour basis by Robert Goldman of Equinox (now Vitasalus) since March 2001 on myself and family members.

Illegal surveillance/telepathy were used to block all my efforts to get justice.

Such actions are acts of terrorism, torture.

It is no exaggeration to state that my family and I have been in an electronic prison, illegal surveillance/telepathic concentration camp since the negligence began.

Other aspects related to the medical negligence include mail, bank, stock, credit card, bill, tax, etc. irregularities since 1995.

[ed. note: in lieu of list here, note the complaint suggests 42 U.S.C. 1983 violations, certainly with 42:1986 conspiracy overtones if an underlying 42:1985 violation could be shown, perhaps related to interstate travel].

Evidence has been stolen on and off since 1995, but I have witnesses who can confirm their existence.

Wrongful deaths of my family members have occurred due to illegal delay tactics.

Fear tactics have been used on myself and family members to such an extent that several family members have tried to stop me from getting justice.

Threats have been made and carried out on myself and family.

I have been illegally detained 4 times and while detained, evidence and money were stolen as well as intentional criminal misdiagnosis to discredit me so justice would not occur.

My sister, Pamela Lhynn Price at 1420 Scott Street El Dorado, IL 62930 has been illegally arrested more than once (see attachment file Writ of Habeas Corpus) in Dec. 2005-February 2006 while visiting someone in jail.

She was taking prescription pills for a medical condition or because of telepathic harassment.

She had to take the pills at a certain time.

She put a few pills in her pocket.

She forgot she had them when she went to a jail in Harrisburg, IL.

She made no attempt to redistribute them to anyone.

She was illegally arrested.

She was told to plead guilty so she could return to her children.

She was falsely arrested in Jan/April 2004 because of the same bank irregularities I also have had since 1995, still unresolved.

Pam gave copies of evidence of my medical negligence case to an FBI agent in Carbondale, IL in November/December 2003-nothing was done.

I gave copies of evidence to a Baton Rouge FBI agent on 11/5/06-nothing was done.

My sister Pamela Price took copies of my evidence regarding the medical negligence fraud to an FBI agent in Carbondale, IL in Nov/Dec 2003-nothing was done.

I took copies of evidence to a Baton Rouge FBI agent, Greg Fee-he refused to show a pictured badge or give me a badge number, on November 5, 2003-no response.

A white male, Weston, raped 3 or 4 13 year olds, but he was not arrested.

He manipulated Pamela Lhynn Price’s child who became pregnant at 14 years old.

Weston and his mother threatened Pam and her child.

They called social services to have Pam’s kids taken away.

Pam took legal action and went to court to get a restraining order against Weston’s mother.

These events and other events: my cousin was harassed by FBI agents with no probable cause between 1995-now (He resides in Baytown, TX), broken bones, life threatening circumstances, Pam’s unlawful incarcerations, threats to take Pam’s children away, etc. would not have occurred if the situation had been investigated promptly.

Criminal professional negligence is obvious, verifiable.

My Medicare Insurance, 436-04-1371T, was illegally cancelled in 2003 due to illegal depletion of bank funds reported to banks, FBI, etc. nothing done.

The Medicare Insurance was reinstated in 2004 with illegal demands for back payments when the insurance was cancelled.

The premiums were illegally raised two to three fold and hospital coverage illegally dropped coincident with my contesting Medicare payments that violated my constitutional rights as well as pursuing the medical negligence case to its rightful conclusion-justice.

Due to intentional efforts to keep me from getting money ........ I have been in physical danger, medical jeopardy.

I do not have enough money to afford my kidney transplant drug Rapimmune (also dispensed in pill form, but I was told Medicare will not pay for pill form, only liquid form).

I was financially independent, no medical problems before the negligence began.

I was due millions in 1996.
[ed note: A guess is that this keyed the 1995 interventions; external indicators apart from Ms. Price suggest the amount was significant. She does not give further detail which makes the 'awareness' paradigm difficult to outline]

All Medicare premium overcharges should be immediately reimbursed to Linda S. Price (my sister, kidney donor in 1998 as a result of the medical negligence) at 4334 Bea St. Baton Rouge, LA 70809.

I have been trying to contest Medicare payments for all illegal treatments that violated my constitutional rights, but to date no response (due to mail, email irregularities? I even dropped by information in person by a Social Security Office in Baton Rouge, LA on Bankers Ave. in 2005-no response) to request free Medicare Insurance until the negligence case is investigated and requested status of Medicare Fraud for all treatments that violated my constitutional rights and were illegal, unnecessary. To date-no response).

Immediate action is requested.

My car was tampered with (electronics rewired so that they could be controlled by a remote device), tires with treads replaced by bald tires, brake fluid removed, gas mileage/tank lowered, etc.) reported, nothing done.

I was in a car wreck not my fault on 1/11/04 at the intersection of Old Hammond Highway/Corporate Blvd. and Jefferson Highway mid to late morning.

I was driving through a green light at or below the speed limit.

The police asked me no questions about the accident.

The other driver never contacted me to have my car fixed. I had no car insurance at the time due to illegal hikes in premiums by Geico (I faxed a quote from internet website proving premium overcharges, nothing was done).

Car insurance fraud is involved.

I had 3 broken bones, fractured/bruised ribs, upper vertebrae injuries.

Evidence was missing, uninformed consent documents signed with regard to car wreck.

Intimidation tactics occurred.

I have requested a car accident report since the accident occurred-to date, no report has been sent.

I am asking you to get a copy of the car accident report on my behalf: Police Station Car Accident/Traffic Records 704 Mayflower Street Baton Rouge, LA 70802.

The other driver’s insurance company should fix car after it is inspected by a mechanic for tampering, dusted for fingerprints.

Immediate action is requested.

Computer irregularities have also occurred.

Internet sites available to the public have been blocked.

Form emails, emails sent from free email accounts have been sent, but to date no response.

Diskettes have been stolen when left at a Goodwood Library computer or files on diskette relating to medical negligence case deleted.

I have reported hacking to Goodwood head librarian and FBI internet crime email form, but computer irregularities continue.

When I try to send information by form email parts of it will be deleted or changed to nonsense.

Time will expire on library computer when no one is waiting for the computer, but this will not occur to other patrons sitting next to me.

I filed a pro se lawsuit at U.S. District Court in Middle District Court 777 Florida Street Baton Rouge, LA 70801 on 11/3/05.

Two copies of lawsuit including a Bill of Determinants containing copies of evidence due to the unusual nature of the case, were given to deputy clerk, Janice LeBlanc, who assigned the lawsuit civil action number 05-1302-JVPr-SCR and judges, Magistrate Judge Riedlinger and U.S. District Court Judge Parker.

Legal sufficiency, cause of action was established in the informa pauperis as well as the lawsuit.

Mail irregularities, misinformation, legal malpractice has occurred prior to and after the filing of the lawsuit.

I have the legal right to have the lawsuit read by Supreme Court Justices Breyer, Ginsberg, Kennedy, and Stevens due to extraterritorial jurisdiction.

For further details, go to Yahoo mail. Type in at username maryprice48 and password carollinda.

Go to draft items and read the most recent email maryprice48@yahoo.com.

Send the email to your email address .

Print it out.

Read it.

Due process has yet to occur.

Emergency funds are needed, deserved.

Immediate action is requested or more wrongful deaths of my family will occur.

Have telepathy turned off.

It is best to contact me in person between 5-7 p.m. CST at (225)-383-4217 or (225)-296-0426 at 1096 Aberdeen Ave Baton Rouge, LA 70808 or 4334 Bea Street Baton Rouge, LA 70809.

Speak to me ONLY!


Mary Price, Ph.D. (Biochemistry)

Please keep a copy of this email for your records.
I will keep a record also.
Forward this email to other Senators and Representatives.
It is important that all members of the Senate and House Committee on Civil and Constitutional Rights, Committee on Terrorism, Committee on Health Care (Minority and Majority Party Members) receive a copy of this email.

Your cooperation is greatly needed and appreciated.

NOTE: My sister Pamela L. Price is now illegally incarcerated because her court date was changed and she was unable to attend.

She may have tried to contact the court or financial aid attorney by phone, but due to phone irregularities the call never went through.

She may have been notified about court date change by mail, but due to mail irregularities, she did not receive it in time.

Her children could be illegally taken away from her if justice is not served immediately.

Please contact persons who can intercede on her behalf.

I will send a certified letter on 5/12/06 to the
Head Administrator at
Sally Port Detention Center
1 North Main Street Harrisburg, IL 26946

where she is now with this and other information.

It may never arrived like a certified letter I recently sent to
Criminal Investigation Services
Postal Inspection Station
ATTN. Mail Fraud
222 S. Riverside Plaza, Ste. 1250 Chicago, IL 60606-6100.

Copies of evidence were made by staff at Sen. Arlen Specter’s office, Sen. Richard Durbin and others.

Contact one of them to make copies.

The illegal incarcerations of my sister have harmed my nieces Jessica and Meagan.

My family should not be punished because those involved in the harassment/medical negligence do not want to go to jail.

I expect an investigation by Congress,
the Claims division of the FBI on Pennsylvania Ave. Washington, D.C.,
Office of Special Counsel Patrick Fitzgerald,

Deputy Assistant Attorney General Alice Fisher
Dept. of Justice at 950 Pennsylvania Ave. Washington, D.C. 20530.

I have sent repeated emails, mailed letters to each above and others, but no response violating my rights to due process.

This matter is in everyone’s jurisdiction.

An Arab with oil, prisoners in jail (except my sister Pam), and illegal aliens have had more rights and protection than I or my family have had.

Immediate action is requested.

Have the telepathy turned off.

Emergency funds are needed.

This situation is in everyone’s jurisdiction.

Under international law and constitutional law, there is no declared state of emergency or national security risk that can allow an individual’s guaranteed rights to ever be taken away as long as the citizen is acting in a lawful manner as I am.

My sister, Pamela Lhynn Price, has been illegally incarcerated again.

She was driving without a driver’s license.

It never should have been taken away.

All illegal acts of incarceration are directly related to the unresolved medical negligence case.

Persons are still trying to take her children away.

She is the sole main caretaker of her children.

She, like other members of my family, have been intentionally been put under financial constraints by bill, bank, mail, phone irregularities.

Pam has mailed letters I have sent stamped between 2003-2004 because of constant mail irregularities that have delayed and impeded justice.

Immediate action should be taken on her behalf.

I have been typing evidence on the computer, but parts of it has been reworded, deleted, or typos included to read as nonsense.

I have requested emergency funds to get cures for medical conditions for relatives as well as myself, but due to mail irregularities, but efforts to do so have been blocked which is a violation of international, constitutional human rights law.

Please contact the DCFS in El Dorado, IL who has threatened Jessica with jail if her rapist, Weston comes near her.

Weston raped her when she was 14 years old.

He should have been incarcerated like the male in Homeland Security in D.C. who sent pornographic pictures of himself to a 14 year old and was trying to set up a date.

He did not have intercourse but was arrested.

In addition, children at the school Jessica attended gave her a difficult time because of the rape, and unlawful incarcerations of her mother.

It was so bad that Jessica did not want to attend school.

Pam was put under such financial duress that Jessica started babysitting to earn money.

Friends of Weston had her babysit 4 children when she was supposed to be in school contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

They have tried to hurt her relationship with her mother telling her that they would adopt her.

They never paid her for babysitting and see a full-time babysitter.

Jessica is scared and persons are trying to manipulate her.

The persons who have Jessica babysit also told her to get emancipated and to raise her child and her half-sister.

Jessica is only 16 years old.

Her life has been difficult from 1995 on because of those involved in the harassment/medical negligence case who have not only gone after myself by intentional criminal acts which were pre-meditated, they have also gone after my family.

They have used fear tactics, financial reprisals, and tried to ruin family relationships.

The harm that has come to Jessica and Megan because of the criminal acts are unforgivable.

Pam should be released immediately, and all aspects of the medical negligence fraud case investigated immediately.

Emergency funds and protection should be given to myself and all family members.

I have sent a certified packet of information to the head of the jail where Pam is being held.

The evidence was sent certified, priority on Friday May 12, 2006, Tracking number 7006 0100 0002 2596 1072, from the SE Post Office in Baton Rouge, LA.

I also sent a certified letter to DCFS in El Dorado, IL on Saturday, May 13, 2006, Tracking number 7006 0100 0002 2596 1119 from SE Post Office in Baton Rouge, LA.

Pam has a court date on May 22, 2006.

I tried to send information regarding the medical negligence case to the judge when she was illegally incarcerated in Jan/April 2004.

I mailed the information to Jessica to give to the judge, but she never received due to mail irregularities which of course is obstruction of justice.

Please be certain the mailings are received by the addressees and if need be, contact the judge yourself to be certain the miscarriages of justice ceases.

Without question, I will press charges for all criminal and/or professional negligence with regard to all aspects of my medical negligence case including these.

I tried to add a recent Writ of Habeas Corpus in my yahoo mail draft, but was blocked from doing so despite reporting computer irregularities to FBI by letter, internet, and the head librarian of Goodwood Library.

It is obvious due process has yet to occur.

Since each citizen is obligated to uphold and defend the constitution of the United States so help me God, it should not be necessary to mention that this situation is in EVERYONEs jurisidiction.

With your help the impossible is nothing.

Justice, after all, is never inconvenient.

Please contact an attorney to give me immediate assistance and send all emergency funds by wire to Western Union on Burbank drive in Baton Rouge, LA.

Best time to contact me in person is between 5-7 p.m. CST.

I am requesting a Good Samaritan Act.